For Radio DJs, here’s a tracklist of Heaven and Earth:


1: Indian Summer (4:04)

Midtempo acoustic guitars with a bluegrass feel.


2: Siesta (3:12)

 Laid-back acoustic guitar duet.


3: Winter River (3:39)

 Pentatonic/minor acoustic guitars start slowly, pick up speed…


4: Greet the Morning (3:14)

Cheerful acoustic guitars with a splash of piano.


5: Rain Drops (5:13)

 Slow delicate minor-key acoustic guitars.

6: Sunset (6:35)

Major-key acoustic guitar meditation.


7: Gloria (5:55)

 Gently “up” electric and acoustic guitars and piano.


8: Soon (3:24)

 Smooth with an edge minor-key “jazzish” electric guitars. 


9: Little Sky (6:23)

 Three acoustic guitars and a bass. Makes me smile. 



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© 2010 Doug Oreck